Fall Lawn Fertilization

Fall is the best and most important time to fertilize your lawn because: Fall’s morning dew delivers moisture to help turf absorb the fertilizer. The grass has a chance to build stamina before a chilly winter. Supporting root growth in fall leads to a healthier, greener lawn in spring.

GreenView Fall Lawn Food is specifically made for your lawn right before the season flips from fall to winter. It’s meant to give your grass the boost it needs to the root system and the blades to insulate it from the cold weather that’s coming. If you live in an area where winter shifts your lawn from growth to dormancy, then you need a late-fall lawn food.

This fertilizer is packed full of the nutrients your grass is begging for when it isn’t getting enough sun and food, such as nitrogen and potassium. The extra nutrition helps your grass recover from the heat from summer and the thirst-inducing droughts that come with the higher temperatures of summer and often in fall.