Protecting Trees From Deer Damage

In the fall, deer damage to trees is most often the result of males rubbing and scraping their antlers against the tree, causing significant damage. This is done to remove the velvet. Once this velvet is removed, deer may continue to polish their antlers by rubbing up and down the trunk. Deer also rub trees during mating season to attract females or to mark their territory, warning other males to stay away. This activity can result in broken branches and torn tree bark.

There are several options for keeping deer away from trees. Trees can be surrounded with fencing or other suitable barriers to offer deer rub tree protection. The use of deer repellents can also be used for keeping deer away from trees. Fencing and tree guards for deer fencing is the most effective way to protect trees from deer. If you have many trees, surround the entire area with woven-wire fencing. However, in order to be effective, it must be at least six to eight feet (2 to 2.5 m.) high and angled about thirty degrees. It is well known that deer are good jumpers and will clear vertical fences without difficulty.