We have one of the best selections of roses in the area, with hundreds to choose from, including newly patented varieties and old standards. We also carry a great selection of container-grown landscape roses. These hardy, disease-resistant, low-maintenance varieties include the ever-popular Knock Out family, and the Flower Carpet series of ground cover roses. We also carry select varieties of David Austin.


Plants of the genus Hosta are among the easiest and most rewarding perennials to grow. Species and varieties range in size from tiny rock garden plants only a few inches high to specimen types with huge leaves and up to 3′ high by 6′ across. Foliage colors range from deep green to blue to golden yellow, and many varieties have richly variegated leaves, with shades of yellow, cream, chartreuse and white in addition to green. The showy flowers range from white to lavender, and often are fragrant. Typically, members of the genus Hosta are considered shade loving, but many varieties will also do well in sun.