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Protect your shrubs & trees from harsh winter conditions

When evergreens have been exposed to extreme drying conditions such as frozen roots in the [...]

Prolong Tree Preservative

This very effective product is an easy and convenient way to hydrate you’re cut tree [...]

What to do when heavy wet snow hits your trees and shrubs

You don’t have to remove light snow on trees and shrubs—it’s the heavy snow that [...]

How to Care for Your Real Christmas Tree

After purchasing your tree, one of our friendly sales associates will make a clean cut [...]

How to prune

Don’t Guess Do A Soil Test

WHY IS TESTING SOIL IMPORTANT? You shouldn’t wait for poor vegetative growth before testing your [...]

Time to fertilize your lawn

This is also the time to apply your spring application of fertilizer on your turfgrass.  [...]

Protect Your Yard Early

BONIDE Annual® Tree & Shrub kills borers and other listed insect pests for up to [...]

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