Green Sceen Deer Repellent Bags 20 ct.


GreenScreen Product Facts

  • GreenScreen is non-toxic.
  • GreenScreen can be used in gardens, farms, orchards, commercial and home landscaping projects, golf courses, cemeteries, municipalities, etc.
  • GreenScreen is safe to use on edible crops and may be applied during bud break or flower bloom.
  • No mixing, spraying or chemicals required!
  • Bags can be hung from stakes, limbs, branches, plant props, string, fencing, etc.
  • Loose Powder can be sprinkled directly on plants, gardens and ground with scoop provided.
  • GreenScreen is packaged in an airtight resealable bag.
  • GreenScreen Bags can be effective for up to three months per application, even after rain, dew or sprinkler use.

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