50 sq. ft. Quick Fix Year Round Green Mixture


Grotrax provides an easier, cheaper, better way to grow grass. The grass seed and fertilizer are sandwiched between 2 bio-fabric layers. It Literally sticks to the ground when moistened, no staking required, providing excellent seed to soil contact. Grotrax holds 6X its weight in water. For fast germination and uniform growth, simply roll, water and watch it grow.

  • Lightweight, easy to install, grows grass fast
  • Contains seed, fertilizer and mulch
  • Holds and locks in moisture
  • Sticks to the ground, no staking required
  • Bio Fabric Prevents Seeds From Washing Away And Perfect for Sun, Shade and Slopes.
  • Simply Roll, Water And Watch It Grow! Cheaper, Easier And Lighter Than Traditional Sod.
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