Success Biodegradable Seeding Success


This product is a combination starter fertilizer and seeding mulch that helps maintain moisture in the planted area so seeds germinate successfully. The paper mulch is completely biodegradable. It is combined with fertilizer, a wetting agent and special tackifier that helps keep mulch in place to protect the seed while it germinates – even on rainy, windy days or when seeding a sloped area. Grass seed is not included – you choose the grass seed of your choice.

  • Water newly seeded areas less – helps keep grass seed moist while it germinates
  • Tackifier helps paper mulch stay where you put it – even on high-wind days or sloping areas
    Starter fertilizer in mulch helps newly seeded lawn get off to a great start
    Great for bare spot repair use – seed not included, you choose grass seed that matches your existing lawn
    Covers up to 200 sq. ft.
    Not available for sale in CA or FL
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